decoration for walls

Wall decoration: More Than 7 Christmas DIY to copy

decoration for walls

For Christmas 2018, do not neglect to decorate your walls and play the DIY card! Festive pendants like stars rain, Christmas wreaths to make oneself, garlands customized with pompoms or fir branches… Grace has selected and decrypted for you more than 7 Christmas wall decorations to make yourself your decor at a lower cost.

For an original and successful Christmas decoration floor-to-ceiling, succumb to the DIY trend and decorate your walls with your festive creations! Some decorative accessories, creativity, and a little elbow grease, and voila.

1. An abstract Christmas tree to make on the wall

If you want to spread the spirit of Christmas in your home without investing in a large natural tree, nothing more simple. Collect a few branches of a Nordmann or Epicea and arrange them from the smallest to the largest in the shape of a Christmas tree by attaching them to the wall with adhesive or short nails. Finally, as for a real tree, decorate your creation with the help of balls to hang thanks to a few pieces of string. Here is a second natural tree, without loss of space!

2. An Advent calendar to hang on the wall to wait for Christmas

Tic tac, tic tac … Christmas is here soon, and you stamp with impatience? To wait, roll up your sleeves and make a natural Advent calendar to hang on any wall of your home. For that, you need to retrieve a branch of a fir tree, hang on a nail with a cord, and attach small custom cardboard boxes. Enter the 24 days of December and slip some pleasant surprises.

3. A Christmas suspension DIY way rain of stars

Want to spread the magic of Christmas in your home while getting your hands dirty? This DIY wall decor found on Pinterest is for you! Using several pieces of string and a branch repainted in gold, hang stars made of paper and wood that you have made yourself. You can also hang decorations or Christmas balls bought in stores.

4. The masking tape dresses the walls with this Christmas DIY

It probably has not escaped you, the masking tape, a small colored adhesive tape, is a staple of the DIY trend. To make these pastel snowflakes masking tape, nothing more simple. Just stick the tape on the walls following a star or flake pattern. The little extra of this Christmas DIY? It allows to give free rein to his imagination with the range of shapes and colors possible, and it does not damage the walls.

5. A bright star with the spirit of Christmas to make oneself

To make this bright Christmas star hanging on the walls, you do not have to be a DIY professional. Assemble five sticks of wood with glue so that they form a lead, then wrap a light garland around each branch. Festive and straightforward at the same time, this do-it-yourself wall decoration is perfect for giving a Christmas spirit to your interior.

6. DIY Christmas wreath hanging on the walls

A must-have for Christmas wall decoration, the crown is adorned with party clothes on Pinterest. To make this DIY, form a circle with a wire, then make origami flowers and foliage using pieces of paper of the colors of your choice. Hang the whole thing with a decorative string and add to the realization of the little playful Christmas accessories.

7. A DIY garland made of festive pompoms

This self-made Christmas wreath is as simple as it is beautiful. To make the decorations that make up this DIY, wrap wool around a ring-shaped cardboard pattern, then cut the ends. Then tie the wool pompoms and Christmas balls to a wire. The result is stunning!

And also … A Christmas DIY as a highlight of the show

This Christmas wall decoration found is easier to make than it looks. To display a beautiful stag on your walls, cut paper in the shape you want, or draw on the wall, and then plant nails following this pattern. Then you tie the end of a string on one of the pins and connect the different points. To give life to your wall decoration, you can add decorative elements like flowers or plants, for example.

A natural garland to make yourself for Christmas

Do you want to make a natural wall decoration for Christmas? Nothing easier! A string of natural fibers and a few branches of fir arranged in a ring are enough to give a pure and natural look to your interior during the holiday season. With this Christmas, decoration Grace explains the best home furniture by substantial online store of Australia, with a new range of home furniture and complete home appliances which is most needy.

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