Top 4 Benefits Of Internet Of Things

As you may already know, the proliferation of state-of-the-art digital devices with communication capabilities is surely bringing closer the vision of an Internet of Things. And it is transforming and changing everything from life to business. In fact, everything is being wired up – cloud computing, GIS-based information, data mining, participatory sensing, architecture, and international activities.

This does not go without saying that IoT has immense benefits at home, in offices and pretty much anywhere these devices can be used; as it stands poised to revolutionize the way everybody goes about their daily lives. That being said, there are lots of merits of using IoT. Some of the most important ones will be listed in this article. With this in mind, it is time to discuss the top 4 benefits of IoT you should know.

  1. Efficient device-to-device communication: wireless automation and control

The concept of IoT encourages efficient device-to-device communication, which is also known as M2M communications. What this means is that the devices are connected on a network and stay that way continuously, which ensure total transparency is made available with greater quality and lesser inefficiencies. And these devices range from ordinary household items to sophisticated industrial equipment and tools used in the daily operation of such establishments.

What this means, in other words, is that by the use of analytics, low-cost computing, mobile technologies, big data, the cloud, and other channels, a lot of information could be shared without human inputs. And the best part is, a lot of functions can be done with these device-to-device wireless communications, such as; monitoring, recording and each interaction adjusted between connected devices.

  1. Control and automation speed up the process

Since the devices are already connected and the controls of these devices are done on a wireless network, there is a high degree of automation and control in the workings as human intelligence or input is not needed which makes things much faster. That is why many organizations and businesses are using multiple automation techniques to eliminate repetitive tasks, which are not done efficiently. That is why IoT re-defines many business processes. This will give you an idea of how important this is to businesses and individuals alike.

And to clearly show the enormous importance of this to businesses, here are some of the benefits of automation;

  • Eliminate the manipulations of manual processes, which are way less efficient.
  • Boost and optimize the time spent looking for quality information.
  • Use to make better projections.
  • Used to checkmate the systems and could identify used resources.
  1. Make efficient monitoring possible

Keeping tabs on a lot of things at home or in the office could be a hectic job without assistance. But with IoT, problems such as traffic light control, city parking, and toll collection services can be effectively solved. When it comes to monitoring, the usefulness of IoT cannot be overstated.

The truth is, there are many ways IoT can be used in monitoring, such as;

  • Farmers can use it to monitor feed levels.
  • It can be used to monitor the efficiency of some buildings.
  • Used in agriculture to monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall and a host of other parameters.
  1. Save a lot of time

It is quite true that man to machine interaction is quite slower than a machine to machine interactions, which not only ensure accurate results but also give people the opportunity to do creative jobs since their inputs are no longer needed in repetitive jobs. So, IoT is able to minimize wasted time because it boosts efficiency in many ways. For example, through IoT, the lightening systems can be efficiently switched on and off, which will save the time to do such activities. But here are some specific ways that IoT is able to save a lot of wasted time;

  • It can be used to remotely monitor systems and processes, which is quicker.
  • Simplifications and automation of everyday lives that make the processes much faster.
  • Through device management, which is always more efficient than manual arrangement.
  1. IoT saves money

Internet of Things cut down cost through the combination of analytics that enables efficiencies, insights and new services that support new ways to save money. In fact, there are many ways that businesses and individuals can benefit from the money-saving properties of the Internet of Things because of its energy-saving tendencies. For example, IoT can use sensors and other relevant technologies to monitor temperatures, energy usage and other things to an exceptionally high degree of accuracy, which in turn boost efficiency immensely.

With that said, here are some other ways it can save money:

  • The management of industrial inventory.
  • Smart and complete home automation.
  • Cost-effective management of building and facility systems.

Final Thoughts

It is obvious from what has been written in this post that Internet of Things offers a lot of benefits, some of which have already been discussed on here. But this does not go without saying that there are some disadvantages associated with IoT, such as breach of privacy (which is a serious issue for many people as their sensitive and confidential information might be stolen.), over-reliance on technology and then there is the issue of loss of jobs.

However, the benefits far outweigh the demerits associated with IoT. And apart from efficient device-to-device communication, monitoring, save a lot of time and other benefits discussed in this post, here are other important benefits, such as way better quality of life, have quality information and it leads to better monitoring of devices.

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