Tips to Consider Before the Reupholstery Of Furniture

Many people wish to redesign the interiors of the house to make it look different and better. Redoing the interiors can be expensive as it may include painting walls, adding different accessories and replacing furniture. If you have good quality furniture that are old and not in good shape, then you can consider reupholsteryThis is an ideal solution that can prevent you from losing your favorite piece of furniture.

You can save money by buying an old but good piece of furniture and reupholstering it. The entire process is much more than just recovering the furniture with a fabric. It involves from striping the furniture to basic frame, choosing right fabric and then recovering it to highlight its unique features.

Process of Re-Upholstering Furniture

  • Preparation: The first step towards the reupholstery of furniture is to prepare it. The furniture that needs to be reupholstered must be in good shape. You need to check it for quality, overall construction, nails or screws sticking out, noises or imbalances, broken parts and other such issues.
  • Removing the Fabric: The next step in the process of reupholstery of furniture is removing all the fabric. All the staples or tacks and zippers on the cushions must be removed.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the furniture before recovering is the ideal thing to do. Then the damages on the framework are repaired and the wood is stained or painted.
  • Cutting and Sewing: The fabric recovered can be laid down for measurements and then cut down to fit the size. The sides that need to be sewed must be done accordingly.
  • Stapling: The last step of reupholstering is stapling the new fabric after lining up one side at one time using a staple gun. You can add any accessory or other finishing touches after stapling is complete. 

Things to Consider Before Re-Upholstering

  • It should be noted that before you take up the process of reupholstery, you need to make sure the furniture pieces are good enough for the same. You must be sure that it is worthy enough to pay for redoing the pieces.
  • The fabrics for the upholstery come in different colors, fibers, weights and treatment. You must think creatively and at the same time have the idea on choosing the fabric that will not only look good but will also be durable. One must also keep the thing in mind while choosing the fabric that all of them behave differently. So, if you don’t have any knowledge about this you should take help of professionals.
  • You must take inspiration from different sources before designing the furniture. Internet, interior décor magazines and shops can be good sources of inspiration.
  • The entire process of reupholstery of furniture is not an easy job. Hence you need to ensure that whether you will hire professionals or take up DIY project. It is better to visit the workshops of professionals to get an idea on the type of work they do before hiring.
  • If the work is complex, you must be prepared for issues that will come up. Rather getting ready for extension on deadlines for completion of work and hidden costs are important.

One misconception people have regarding reupholstery is that it is very easy thing. However, the fact is without much experience it can be a tough job. Small jobs where one has to remove the fabric and wrap the surface and staple it with new fabric like on dining table chairs can be DIY.  Antique pieces with balance issues or some damages cannot be dealt well by amateurs. Hence it is ideal to get right people for such jobs and it is suggested that you hire one.

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