This winter season use your Credit Card to Plan a Holiday

Credit cards have become a very popular way of doing financial transactions. They allow digitized payments and reduce the dependency on cash. They also allow reward points on every spending and various discounts and privileges on your transactions. That is why many of you use credit cards on a regular basis. While you know that your Hdfc credit card allows you reward points and other privileges, did you know that you can also plan a holiday using the card?

Yes, credit cards also allow you to plan a holiday. Here’s how you can do so–

  • Pay off your existing outstanding bill

Credit cards give you a 45-day credit facility, 30 days after which the bill is generated and another 15 days to repay the dues. If you have an existing outstanding balance on the card, the available credit limit would be low. Moreover, the outstanding balance would also attract interest. So, clear your credit card dues before you plan a holiday so that you have access to the entire credit limit to plan your holiday expenses.

  • Use your accumulated reward points

If you have travel-oriented credit cards you must have accumulated air miles as reward points on the card’s usage. Use these air miles to book free air tickets or to get substantial discounts on the airfare. Even if you do not have a travel credit card, use your card’s reward points to avail discounts on hotel bookings and also at other merchant outlets. You can also convert your reward points as cash backs, if your card allows, and use the money generated for your travel bookings.

  • Inform the card issuer of an international trip

If you are traveling out of the country, it is always better to inform the card issuing bank of the impending trip. When the issuer knows that you are traveling overseas, your overseas transactions on the card would be approved. If the issuer doesn’t know, your international transactions might be blocked as they would be considered fraudulent.

  • Be careful about the card’s security

Credit cards have become increasingly prone to identity theft and fraudulent transactions. When you are traveling, be extra careful about using the card. Don’t let the card out of your sight and use it only at reputed outlets. If you lose your card, inform the issuer immediately about the loss so that the card can be blocked and you would be saved from any unauthorized transaction.

  • Maximize the card’s rewards and privileges

Besides booking air tickets and hotel accommodations, you should maximize your credit card privileges on other things too. If your card offers free airport lounge access, make use of airport lounges. When traveling, use your card to avail discounts at restaurant and shopping partners. Accumulate maximum reward points on the card through your traveling expenses and then use the points for various discounts and privileges.

Winter is here and if you are planning a holiday, utilize your credit card. Your card has many benefits and provides many privileges which would make your travel pleasant as well as economical.

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