Things to consider before you hire DOT NET Developers

Despite the introduction of various technologies lately, Dot Net development happens to hold the back of web development all around the world. There are various businesses choosing to build .NET applications in order to meet the unique requirements of their users.

In that regard, you can consider Microsoft.NET as this framework helps to develop reliable and scalable applications for web, desktop and mobile platforms. However, if you need an asp .NET solution that helps you in delivering high return of investment then you require hiring ASP.NET developers that delivers perfect customized solutions. This way it’s easier for you to find a trustworthy .NET development partner for your company. Here are the 5 major considerations:


It’s vital to consider how sound a company is prior to the selection of any software development company. It becomes necessary that you determine the performance of a company, its progress along with the time it was operating in the market. You must consider the longevity of the company along with the brand image of the company in the market.

Companies that have been present for quite some time are good at delivering desirable results and sustain a long-lasting relationship with the customers.


Verifying the quality of work that the company has delivered in the past is significant. Go by the testimonials as well as contact the clients for feedback. This way it’s easier to get an idea of the quality of the .NET applications built by the company.

It’s better that you choose companies that are CMMi certified or having ISO 9001 certification so that you can have high-quality .NET applications.


You certainly need to consider the experience held by the developers and they must possess the necessary technical skills as well as expertise necessary to work on .NET projects.

The development team is required to have rich experience to create applications from the scratch so that they can mitigate legacy applications to the present .NET platform. The programmers must be skilled in various Microsoft technologies, such as ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MVC and more.

Besides it’s imperative for developers to have hands-on experience in working on Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Azure, SharePoint and more, so that the web apps and services can be developed, deployed and maintained.

There are various organizations out there that require integration with their existing systems and this way it becomes vital for developers to have experience in order to solve interoperability and integration issues.

You need to ensure that the company you hire is able to meet the bespoke requirements whenever necessary. Besides the developers must be capable to customize .NET solutions and integrate with various modules, plug-ins and mobile OS.


The major reason to choose .NET developers is the pricing and hiring models. There are a number or professional .NET development companies with various hiring models and they offer many options to the clients. You can have many pricing options which depend on the hiring models

The company is required to choose the one that meets your specific business needs. You can compare the aggregate cost of development, going for the one that works well within your budget without the need to compromise with the quality and time.


It’s necessary that you determine the level of support offered by the .NET development company after the deployment. Make sure that you get the help from the support team 24/7 so that you can avoid getting caught up in between at any point of time. The team is required to offer quick resolutions to the issues and queries you have as this assures seamless support.

It’s advised that you access your development partner on the basis of research, facts and figures instead of hiring them sans making any inquiries in advance. These points mentioned above are helpful in finding the right .NET development partner so that you can cater to your business needs while adding value to your business.


Arun Som is the technical content writer of Hopinfirst that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in e learning app, e commerce app, pharmacy app and restaurant app development.

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