Foods to Get Lustrous Hair Post-transplantation

Target These Foods to Get Lustrous Hair Post-transplantation

Got your hair transplant in Delhi? Well, now it is time to ensure that you maintain the post-transplant aftercare routine to the T along with minding a healthy diet. Whether the process of hair transplant will be successful or not depends solely on how you manage to continue to treat your scalp. And a healthy scalp starts with a healthy and clean diet. This article will focus on the diet so that you can grow strong and shiny hair post-transplantation. 

Diets to Maintain Post-transplantation

Many specialists from Derma Circles have opined that a healthy diet can keep you from losing not only your lock but maintain scalp health as well. What you eat comes in the form of a healthy lifestyle. You will notice the manifestation of certain nutrients from food in your body. But before we move on to discussing the types of food you need to eat, let us shed light on the effects of nutrient deficiency on hair. 

Many people desire healthy hair that grows fast. However, how fast the hair will grow will depend on multiple different factors such as health, genetics, medication, environmental exposure and lastly, diet. Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the follicle growth cycle and lastly the rate of cellular turnover. Eating a diet that lacks proper nutrients can lead to severe hair loss. 

Much scientific research has shown that vitamin B12, D, biotin, iron,  and riboflavin are some essential elements that could lead to hair loss. The goal should be to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. It would promote hair growth. Similar research has shown that the connection between micronutrients and hair loss is strong. If you are one of those people who is struggling with a lack of vitamins in your diet, the following are the grubs you must include to see the change. 

  • Eggs

Eggs are considered to be one superfood that is a good source of protein and biotin. These two nutrients are essential towards hair growth. Moreover, eggs are considered to be a source of protein that is significant for the growth of hair follicles.  

Biotin is one essential element for the production of hair protein that we know as keratin. Consuming biotin-rich food can help improve hair growth in people who are undergoing biotin deficiency. Eggs are also a source of zinc and selenium which is optimal for hair health. 

  • Berries

Berries, be it blueberry, raspberry or strawberry, are a great source of vitamins and different radical compounds essential for hair growth. Vitamin C is one source of antioxidant properties that can protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules.

Also, keep in mind that vitamin C can help in the production of collagen not only strengthening the hair but also preventing it from breaking and being brittle. In addition to this, vitamin C assists in absorbing iron from the diet. 

  • Spinach

The green leaf of wonder can deliver you nutrients like folate, vitamin A iron, and most importantly, vitamin C which can boost hair growth. Much research has shown that vitamin A is essential towards hair growth. 30 grams of spinach can fulfil up to 20% of your daily vitamin A needs. 

  • Fatty Fish

Here, by fatty fish, we mean omega-3-rich fish. Take salmon, herring and mackerel for example. These fishes are an excellent source of omega 3 which is not only required for healthy hair, but a healthy heart as well. Several studies have proven that omega 3, omega 6 and antioxidants have reduced hair loss and increased hair density. Fatty fishes are also a great source of selenium, protein, vitamins B, and D3 and multiple nutrients that could boost hair growth.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes don’t just benefit your gut health, but your hair as well because they contain beta-carotene. This nutrient is reasonable for converting into vitamin A which has been directly linked to the maintenance of healthy hair. A medium sweet potato weighing up to 114 grams can provide 160% of the daily requirement of Vitamin A. Generally, vitamin A also affects the production of sebum which not only helps the hair be healthy but improves the condition of your skin. 

  • Avocados

This list will not be completed without avocados. It is one great source of healthy fats that could deliver one with a healthy dose of vitamin E. It has also been said that it is responsible for neutralizing free radicals as it prevents oxidative stress. An avocado of 200 grams can fulfil 28% of your vitamin E requirement every day. Moreover, a study has shown that people who experience hair loss have seen 34.5% of hair growth after taking vitamin E supplements. 

Ending Note

Apart from the above-mentioned elements, consider including nuts, seeds and oysters as they have been associated with zinc, magnesium and vitamin providers. Once you maintain the scalp health after the transplant, the hair that grows after the procedure will be healthy and lustrous. 

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