Reasons for Choosing LED Signs on the Sunshine Coast

With high quality LED signs now more affordable, many businesses are thinking of going down that route in 2019. As with most new technology, what started out as a very expensive purchase is now a very smart investment.

We’re told that one of the main benefits of changing to LED signs on the Sunshine Coast is that it’s greener than most other forms of signage and marketing. Whilst this sounds logical, let’s take a closer look at WHY it’s greener.

If you’re talking about illuminated signage in general, then of course LED will be more environmentally friendly, as well as kinder on your wallet. LED lighting uses 50-90% less energy than traditional forms of illumination.

LED doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury and phosphor, which can be found in neon and fluorescent lighting. It is also low voltage (safer), less maintenance and lasts much longer.

High Quality LED Signs

There’s another huge benefit to choosing high-quality LED signs and that’s the fact you can also use for internal communication. In the US, it’s estimated that 70% of all rubbish generated by businesses is paper. 45% of printed documents end up in the rubbish bin and, even more alarming, 30% of printed documents are not even picked up from the printer.

Every ton of paper produced uses an average of 17 trees and over 26,000 litres of water. It also generates over 260kg of air pollution per ton.

Those are the kind of statistics that should really make you reconsider your business signage and communication methods. Yes, you will use energy to run your LED signs and screens but, as we saw above, usage is minimal.

LED Signs Sunshine Coast

LED Signs Sunshine Coast

High-quality LED signs offer myriad uses to even small businesses. Once installed they can be used to communicate with customers and staff, publicise events and market your products and services. They can be interactive. They can also be hooked up to your social media accounts to further boost your brand and build your customer base.

LED signs can be pre-programmed to broadcast new material or re-loop, ensuring your communications are always fresh and relevant. Positioned near the checkout, they can encourage impulse buys as well as changing the customer’s perception of waiting time.

One of the biggest benefits of LED signs on the Sunshine Coast is engagement, forming an emotional connection with customers. Research proves that engaged customers will not only buy more but will also stay loyal to your brand and promote your business.

With the majority of consumers now using digital technology, it makes sense to incorporate that experience into shopping. Digital marketing reaches more people than traditional forms of advertising and has a better recall.

Greater Customer Engagement

When you combine that fact with greater customer engagement, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know you’re going to make more money!

So, how will your LED sign boost customer engagement? Relatively new at the moment but about to become huge is facial recognition technology. This is already being used in the UK by supermarket chain, Tesco, to better tailor promotions. By identifying the gender and approximate age of the customer, Tesco can monitor the buying habits of every demographic.

Meanwhile, Pepsi and Heineken have trialled interaction drinks bottles, whilst mobile app Shazam has partnered with Nestlé to allow customers to visually interact with a Kit Kat bar! Clearly the possibilities are endless.

High Quality LED Signs

Interacting with Customers

On a local level you can use your high-quality LED signs to engage customers visually. It’s a proven fact that we notice and retain more information when it is presented in visual form. Use your LED signs to flash up special offers, discounts and sales.

It’s easy to create new content for your LED sign but remember, timing is everything; that’s where the pre-programming function comes in handy. Let’s say you run a café that opens at 7am and serves outstanding coffee. You can start a countdown to coffee half an hour prior, reminding passers-by that you will be serving delicious hot coffee in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes and so on.

By integrating images of that steaming cup of coffee you are not only attracting attention but creating a visual to draw customers in. Now imagine being able to make that advertisement interactive. Not only will this further engage your customers, but you can introduce a reward scheme; perhaps the 10th customer to interact will get their coffee for free.

Those are just a couple of examples of how you can tailor your LED signs to your unique business needs.

The real secret to success when buying LED signs on the Sunshine Coast is to choose wisely. Only buy LED screens designed for our tough climate and only deal with an experienced company that will also install and maintain your signs.

Think of high-quality LED signs as an investment, not a cost, and start reaping the rewards.

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