Rahat Indori Said Alwida To Us: Rahat Indori Has Passed Away


A renowned poet and lyricist Rahat Indori has passed way. He was admitted to a private hospital in Indore after being Corona Infected, initially, he was admitted in the private hospital. He was 70 years, and he was admitted to the hospital due to corona and breathing problems.  He died of a heart attack in Sri Orbindo Hospital.

Dr Vindo Bhandri from Sri Orbindo told the news agency ANI that on Tuesday he had a heart attack twice and could not be saved. Dr Bhandri said that he had more than 60% pneumonia. Rahat Indori had informed their fans about his corona infection on Twitter on Tuesday Morning.

Rahat Indori has tweeted on Tuesday morning that my corona test was done yesterday after initial symptoms of COVID-19, which was reported positive. I am admitted to Shree Oribindo Hospital. Further, he wrote, Pray for me so that I beat this as soon as possible. His death was reported from the same twitter account, and according to the report, possibly Rahat Indori’s son has tweeted this.

DM of Indore, Manish Singh said to News agency that Rahat Indori passed away during medical treatment at Shree Oribindo Institute Of Medical Science, he was reported Corona positive. DM also added that Rahat Indori also had heart diseases, Kidney disease, Diabetes.

The entire nation is shocked by his death, but this shocking incident has disturbed the whole poetry and lyricist industry. On his death, all his friends, colleagues, and fans are showing their condolence. Kumar Vishwas has shown his deep condolence on Twitter.

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