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Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

Hiring a home builder is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life.

You are expected to hire an expert who understands that this may be your dream, but it also means money for them! Make sure you ask all the important questions before signing any contract. Questions you should ask a home builder:

1.) What is your experience in the field?

2.) What is your warranty on repairs and workmanship?

3.) Can I change my mind after purchasing a plan?

4.) Will you return phone calls & emails in a timely manner?

5.) Do you have any financial problems or liens against your company that would prevent you from completing the project?

6.) Can I see examples of your previous work and references from past clients?

7.) Will you provide revisions to my house plan if needed?

8.) What type of warranty do you offer for parts used in building my home (windows, cabinets, etc)?

9.) If any damage occurs during construction.

10.) Will you have a full-time office staff or are they just one-man operation?

11.) When is your company available for warranty work?

12.) How long does it take to process my contract once I sign it?

13.) Do you offer any financing options if needed?

14.) What licenses and registration do you and your company have?

15.) Are there any additional costs I should consider when building my home?

16.) How much time does it cost to build a house in general?

17.) Do you work with other contractors if needed (plumbing, electrician, etc)?

18.) What type of payment plans do you offer?

19.) Can I make changes to my plan after signing the contract?

20.) Does it cost extra to include upgrades, such as granite countertops or hardwood flooring?

21.) Are there any taxes or fees associated with your services?

22.) What is your cancellation policy if I need to cancel my contract?

23.) Will you explain the cost of each line item on my contract?

24.) How long does it take to build a house?

25.) Is there a sales tax on my contracts?

26.) Do you charge extra for every tiny little amendment that I request after signing the contract?

27.) What type of flooring is included in the base price?

28.) Can you please explain your payment process to me?

29.) How are your homes priced compared with similar models of other builders in our area?

30.) Will I have contact with my home builder throughout the building process?

31.) What type of financing is available for my construction loan?

32.) When do I need to make my down payment?

33.) What happens if the home builder cancels the contract or breaches it at any point in time?

34.) Can you provide me with names of references that I can contact for updates on their building process?

Hopefully these questions will help you make the best decision when choosing the right home builder for you. It is important to get the most information you can before choosing to do business with a home builder. This is a home that you will put a lot of money and effort into and you want it to be perfect.

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