Make your stay at Australia a Pocket-friendly one with an Overseas Health Insurance Cover

No matter what is your intention to visit Australia, holiday, studies, or work, overseas health insurance is very critical. If Australia and the country of your citizenship have not entered into a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA), the medical bills will have to be paid by you.

Are on a 500 Visa? You have to purchase an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). In fact, it is compulsory. If you are a working professional, you need a 485 Overseas Visitor Health Cover which is also known as OVHC, as per the mandate of the Home Affairs Department of Australia. If you are visiting Australia on a 600 Visa, which is a Visitor Visa, we recommend that you buy OVHC. This year, your medical expenses are covered.

It is always good to be covered for medical expenses when you are in Australia, whether you are no visit, studying, or working. Paying for healthcare in Australia dollars is going to be expensive.

Overseas Health Insurance

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