Know About Various Health Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi it is termed as Basil in English, and it is organic herbs with medicinal applications. The leaves of Tulsi used in the treatment of various diseases. This plant is natural to grow and widely found in the Indian subcontinent. It is not only respect holy plant in Hinduism, but it also finds its place in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Here in this post, we will discuss the health benefits of Tulsi plant. Read this post till the end

Here are some Advantage of Tulsi

A Tulsi plant possesses various health benefits some of these are listed below:

For Fever

The leaves of Tulsi are filled with healing properties which help to reduce fever quickly. Take two Tulsi leaves and boil them add a small piece of ginger in the boiling water. Boil until the solution gets reduced to half and have it with honey for three times in a day. Continue it for three days for a good result.

For a Cough

ulsi is being used as a home remedy for the treatment of cough and cold. For the cure of a cough and cold, the Tulsi flower is handy. The combination of basil leaves, mint and black pepper in the dose of 30 ml twice a day. Reducing the symptoms of a cough and cold is perfect.

For Headache

Tulsi is helpful in relieving headache. To get instant relief from a headache, it is suggested to apply the paste of Tulsi and Sandalwood on the forehead. The powder of dried leaves of basil relief from a migraine and headache.
The two are the most common sickness or illness in today’s era. The main reason for these pain is the people’s lifestyle & stressful life. Many people complain that the consumption of medicine doesn’t help them.

For Dental Protection

The powder of Tulsi dry leaves is used as brushing of teeth it helps the teeth protection. Mouthwash with basil leaves means keeping away from many mouth problems such as gum and other dental infections. It protects you from bacteria and germs that are the leading cause of mouth diseases.

For Stomach Problems

Basil helps in the case of stomach problems such as acidity, constipation, etc. For stomach ache, the juice of Tulsi leaves lime and ginger is beneficial. The Tulsi leaves cooked in water will give a solution to the problem

These are the few health benefits of Tulsi hence having a Tulsi Plant at your home can be a great choice. Along with above-listed benefits, a Tulsi plant also possesses several health benefits such as it is stated that chewing Tulsi plant leaves helps in eliminating many mouth infections and ulcer, and too helpful in preventing lousy breadth & improves oral health. These are the best reason to have Tulsi plant at home.
I hope you will like this post. All the medicine you consume causes some side effect, so it is better to avoid consumption of drugs or medication instead of that use herbal products it is beneficial for you in all the aspects.

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