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We all know about ICSE and CBSE and there’s a whole debate on which one is better. Every year after the board examinations we compare the ICSE and CBSE syllabuses and find that though CBSE schools are in profusion, ICSE students have always been ahead since they are more exposed to a varied and quality curriculum.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a private board in India that conducts the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and the Indian School Certificate examinations. It started in 1958. Around 2100 schools in India are ICSE schools. They impart quality education and reach great heights.


CBSE is a board system that comprises of different subjects like Maths, Science, Hindi, Sociology, Music, Geography and others. It caters to a wide number of schools in India and many people like to take admission in CBSE schools. CBSE schools are often said to given more marks to the students than they actually deserve. It throws off marks in the air and students think that they have received marks due to their calibre. ICSE on the other hand is stringent at giving marks. It doesn’t give marks to non-deserving students. Only those who’ve studied and actually deserved it gain marks and also a vast amount of knowledge. Rishi Public School is the best ICSE School in Gurgaon.

It seeks to establish a strong knowledgeable bond between the students and their curriculum. The curriculum of ICSE has a lot of stories for English, a lot of theorems in Maths, a lot of concepts for other subjects as well. It doesn’t compromise with quality and the students, parents and teachers are very happy with it. This is how the best ICSE School in Gurgaon offers. We should never think that getting marks is everything.


It is based on the principles of integrity, honesty and coverage and discipline. Let us build all schools based on these mottos.  School which has ICSE curriculum in its school. All the teachers follow it and teach it to their students. It is a good curriculum which offers a lot of potential for its students. The students also excel among the CBSE students who don’t know a thing. They are just used to marks being thrown at them. But when they reach colleges, they understand that they are not that good as compared to the ICSE students. So we need to see what goes wrong in the CBSE curriculum.

The CBSE board should keenly observe what should be done and check their curriculum. A curriculum should incorporate all the facets of life. It should not be so easy that the students don’t feel motivated to study about different subjects. Subjects like English, Hindi, Sanskrit and others require a lot of analysis. If they are just read for marks then they are nothing but trash. Such subjects require deep understanding and the answers require critical analysis. If there is no critical thinking then obviously the child will not understand the essence of such books.

Parents take on it

Parents do want their children to study in good schools with good curriculum but there are not many ICSE schools that are there in Delhi/NCR. Most of the ICSE schools are either in Noida or Gurgaon. It is very difficult for Delhi kids to find ICSE schools because parents either look for schools nearby even if they want their child to study in ICSE schools. They have to get them admitted to CBSE schools.


CBSE schools are just plain focused on making their students gain marks. In CBSE board examinations students get even 100% in language exams like English, Hindi and Sanskrit. How can someone get full marks in a literature subject, since it always subjective? It is not as per the rule. This thing is not there in ICSE exams. ICSE curriculum is full of quality. The English curriculum is filled with poets like Keats, Byron and Shelley. Tennyson, Sidney, Spenser, and Donne are taught there. All these are not taught in the CBSE curriculum. So ICSE is considered as a board which opens up the critical faculty of the students and they are able to compete better in the market. They work better in comparison to their fellows and gain more knowledge. Parents also therefore want their child to study in an ICSE school.

So we can say that CBSE should also try to incorporate all these things in its curriculum and make it more rich and effective. This would ensure that everyone has a chance to study good quality books and papers. One should always vouch for this and the government should also take an initiative to make CBSE curriculum as good as the ICSE. This will open up new opportunities for children.

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