Considering The Topic Of Religion On The Tibet To Nepal Journey

Religion has always been a topic of much debate among people because it is a sensitive matter. This topic will tread upon religious grounds, but it will not hurt anybody’s thoughts and beliefs. Since you’re planning a Tibet to Nepal trip, you will want to know everything about this holy land beforehand. The dominant religion followed in Tibet is Buddhism, and it has been so for several centuries. Some believe that Buddhism travelled from India to Tibet, but it is the other way around. It is entirely possible that you never heard before the names and aspects that Tibetans have for Lord Buddha.

Lord Buddha everywhere

You may be travelling with a gang of friends or a group of several families. So, it is safe to assume that you will have many people with you for the Tibet Travel vacation. You can bring everyone forward and ask them to count out the number of temples and shrines you will encounter. No matter how many minds work together, it will be next to impossible to finish the count. There are temples where Lord Buddha’s statute is a mighty big one. Another will have a depiction of Buddha bouncing. The next one is where the Lord is trouncing the wicked. The list will continue to go on where Lord Buddha is meditating, medicating, indoctrinating, transcending, informing, unifying, levitating, and a lot of “-ing.”

It is challenging

You can understand now how difficult it is to achieve enlightenment. You have to do a lot to be able to see all and know all. If you try to contemplate how the monks are managing this situation, on the Tibet to Nepal trip, you may find an answer when visiting the most prestigious monasteries along the way. Tibet is not a comfortable place to reach, even at the best of times. You will come across ‘no trespassing’ notices almost everywhere. You will be grateful to have such an excellent travel organization with you.

About Dalai Lama

The Lord of Compassion in Tibet is Chenrezig who sent an incarnation of the self to Earth in thirteen ninety-one. This incarnate will bring happiness and enlightenment to humanity. The bodily form of the heavenly deity is known as Dalai Lama. After the death of the body, the spirit of Dalai Lama pops up in a suitable foetus. In this way, the Dalai Lama keeps on returning even after death. The parents never know that their child is God in disguise, but the monks and Buddhist officials scour the land to pinpoint the chosen one based on questionnaires and DNA testing kits. This information isn’t confidential, and you will hear it on the Tibet Travel.

Curiosity inciter

As mentioned earlier, this write-up is not about making fun of anyone. It is the truth that you have to know about Tibet before you visit. Since wherever you tread at Tibet, there will be something religious. So, it is wise to get to know more about a tourist site. Besides, without knowing a few lesser-known facts, you get to enjoy your time even more. It is something that every ardent traveller will tell you.


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