Top 8 Best eBook Websites in 2022

8 Best eBook Websites in 2022

You have more information than the world’s wealthiest monarchs and emperors, its best history experts, and all physical libraries combined if you’re reading this. 

There are almost certainly more books on your favourite topics than you will ever be capable of reading in your life. As long as your internet connection is stable, you may now choose from millions of free books on any topic, especially with the help of this page by 4Hub from the comfort of your own home.

There are many free audiobooks available and options to participate in creating free audiobooks to share with others. Because these books are either in the public domain or published under a creative commons licence, they are entirely legal and free to download.

Top 8 Websites to Download Free eBooks in 2022 

All of the sites on this list will provide easy access to thousands of public domains and even some pricey books that you may not be able to get in a bookshop but can read in PDF format for free.

#1. Library Genesis

A free book search engine. Library Genesis is a massive search engine for finding free books, with an index of over 3 million books accessible in ebook formats such as PDF and other filesystems that you may require. 

#2. Many Books

A free ebook download portal with over 50,000 titles is available for download or reading online. You may read biographies and more in romance, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, action, and thriller. This website’s user interface straightforward, allowing you to identify the most recent and popular books quickly. 

#3. Open Library

If you’re searching for an open library where anybody can modify and contribute the most up-to-date material so that others may check it out, then the Open Library project is a great place to start. It gives you access to practically every renowned book in ebook format. This website allows you to access over 1.5 million free ebooks and search for the appropriate tiles. 

#4. Overdrive

Suppose you want to browse free ebooks from a legitimate website but don’t want to pay. In that case, you may use Overdrive to browse hundreds of bookstores with an inventory of millions of ebooks that you can look for, then go to the appropriate website to get free ebooks or listen to free podcasts.

#5. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg allows to read any free ebook. The books are all free, and most are in the public domain.

#6. Google eBookStore 

Fortunately, if you are an Android user, you can access some of the best eBook collections through Google eBookStore. Yes, Google does provide a great library of high-quality eBook collections for free. Furthermore, they offer a variety of genres and formats such as PDF, ePub, and others.

The most important one involves the “My Library” option. You can use this command to select your favourite item, and the platform will save it in your eBook library. Specifically, the platform organises the books you choose into different “bookshelves” and makes it easier to find them.

#7. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a well-known brand that offers a large selection of eBooks. Kindle not only sells paid eBooks, but it also offers free eBooks. Famous writers’ amazing free ebooks range from classics to romance to science fiction. However, you must first create an Amazon account to take advantage of these free services. 

The Amazon Kindle Store has two sections: the Free Popular Classics page and the Top 100 Free Best Sellers list. Kindle Unlimited may also be a good investment for those who enjoy indie books. You’ll have access to over a million titles, and there’s no limit to the number of books you can read per month. 

#8. Scribd

Scribd is a digital book database that offers titles from professional publishers and aspiring authors. Subscribers to Scribd can also download several free eBooks and customise the format of their books while reading. Also, there are several other notable features, like you can borrow books from others. 

Scribd is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can find thousands of books from different categories and genres, and you can find everything you need, from educational stuff to biographies and histories. After visiting the website, you can sign up and take a free trial. You can also purchase a membership at or download the Scribd app on your device. 

Ebook Advantages

As a reader, eBooks provide several advantages that traditional books do not. The top eight reasons you should read eBooks ahead of or in addition to real books are listed below.

#1. Ebooks can help you save money

What is the most significant advantage of an eBook? It’s got to be money-saving magic.

In recent years, the average eBook price has decreased substantially and is currently less than $5, although the typical print book price is still above $10. 

#2. Gratification in a flash

If you have a Kindle device, a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet, you may purchase any eBook right now, transfer it to your device, read it right away! 

#3. Convenient transportation

Your smartphone, iPad, or other e-reader devices, may store thousands of eBooks, yet they weigh nothing! With eBooks, you can take an almost infinite number of books with you everywhere you go.

#4. Synchronize Your Reading Location

Your e-reader device will sync to where you left off after reading. When you reopen the eBook to resume reading, it will take you right back to where you left off. It is accomplished by synchronizing your reading position across many devices.

#5. 8 million trees are saved every year

More than 500 million eBooks are purchased every year, saving an estimated 8 million trees from being chopped down to print books.

More than 800 million trees will be saved over the next century, presuming the eBook market will not increase anymore. 

#6. No more problems with book storage

Another advantage of eBooks is their capacity to hold hundreds of thousands of titles while taking up valuable real estate in your home.

However, for those on a budget or who live in tiny places or cities, eBooks provide significant savings by lowering the space required to store books.

#7. Ebooks can be easily searched

Another advantage of eBooks is that you can search for anything you need within a book.

For example, suppose you’re reading a 1,000-page history book like Will Durant’s excellent Story of Civilization series. In that case, you can rapidly and effortlessly identify precisely the portions of the book that describe China’s history by typing in terms like “China.”

#8. Fonts in your eBook can be changed

When reading an eBook, you have total control over the font type and size. At the push of a button, the visually handicapped may read in 30-size Arial type or bigger.  


In recent years, the popularity of ebooks has increased a lot. Nowadays, a few clicks are enough to find any ebook. And while you can permanently save money on discount ebooks, doesn’t the idea of free ebooks sound pretty sweet? Luckily, tons of different ebook platforms offer exactly that. I hope these top 5 best ebook websites will help you start reading lots of free ebooks in 2022.

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