Best Chat Bots Building Platforms Beneficial For A Business

Chatbots are being used in almost every business these days. Having them is considered an extra edge over the competition, and it has to be like that since with growing requirements and advancements of the enterprises it gets hard to manage everything manually. With the help of chatbots, you could essentially build bots like healthcare chatbots that can help manage healthcare issues with ease.

Best Chatbot Building Platforms:

  • Smartbots
  • Tars
  • FlowXO
  • COnverse
  • IBM Watson
  • Botsify

#1 SmartBots

This is one of the best chatbot building platforms that you could find out there. Known for providing bots for enterprises that include HR Bots, Sales Assistance Bots, Support Bots and much more. Their goal is to simplify operations and bring out the positive impact.


A chatbot built with Tars allows you to start the interaction with a user who recently opened your website or reached on your landing page to increase the conversion rate of the website. In order to build a chatbot with TARS, you must sign up and then create a ‘Conversation WorkFlow’, that can be built either by themselves or from the templets already given on their tools.

#3 Flowxo

With FlowXO, you can build a chatbot for multiple kinds of a platform like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Web, Telegram etc. The best feature of this building platform is, it allows the user to keep their conversation between them and the chatbot while changing platforms. For example, if they are having a conversation with the chatbot on telegram, they can continue the same on another platform like facebook messenger.


This platform is used to create chatbots to interact with Google Home, Facebook and Alexa without being a programmer. There are templates already built which can be chosen by the user as per their requirements, or the user can choose to make their very own chatbot without the templates.

#5 Converse

If you are looking to automate your business with the help of a chatbot, then a platform like Converse AI is one of the best options. The time it takes to build a chatbot on this platform is pretty less compared to others as it has a lot of pre-built templates and workflow.

#6 IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a digital assistant driven by artificial intelligence, that has the ability to recognize when the user is asking a direct question, when the user needs to be directed to an answer from a search engine and when to include a real human for further assistance in case it’s not able to resolve the issue. Watson is mainly focused on improving the human effort in the business.

#7 Botsify

Botsify is a chatbot builder that has specialization in the education sector, that allows all the teachers to create chatbots based on pre-defined templates and gather all the data from the students. It also provides a feature like customer services in different languages for business to implement into their eco-systems.