A Short Home Insemination Tale

Are you also doing family planning but not conceiving even after various efforts? Never mind, the same thing happened with us, but today my wife is 2 weeks pregnant, and if you can conceive, then you can also have your baby.

But Guys, our success was not so easy because we were also not conceiving naturally from intercourse. And that was stressful for us, and when we were searching for the option, one of our relatives suggested the home insemination kit.

Initially, it was hard to believe, but with the help of Google and YouTube, we got some confidence that we could have a baby without investing huge bucks and to confirm this, we contacted our Gynecologist.

The doctor told us yes, you could inseminate yourself at home without medical experience. And the doctor’s assurance was enough, we immediately ordered the Subhag V Conceive Home Insemination Kit, and today my wife is 2 weeks pregnant.

Now you must be thinking why only Subhag V Conceive, see we read various articles and watch YouTube videos. Most of them suggested Subhag V Conceive home insemination kit, and after the use, we are also convinced that Subhag V Conceive is the best home insemination kit.

Why Is Subhag Insemination Kit Best?

This home insemination kit is manufactured by Subhag, one of the best health care organizations. It possesses various features, and some of them are

  • This product is made of 100% medical grade silicone, which provides you the best comfort while the insemination process
  • It is easy to use. The V-conceive cup clutches the wall of the vagina on insertion and opens near to the cervix, i.e., at the top of the vagina
  • A less invasive and smooth removal process makes this product the best home insemination kit

Note- The Subhag V- conceive home insemination kit contains one semen collection container, injector, ovulation kit, and brochure. The part about Subhag V- Conceive home insemination kit is that it doesn’t need any medical professional or experience.

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You know insemination is easy, but there are various things you should consider before insemination, which can affect. Knowing the menstrual cycle is crucial for the desirable result. As we know, there are certain days in the menstrual cycle called non-fertile days, and insemination during the non-fertile days will not result in pregnancy.

There are a few more things that you should consider while inseminating yourself, and that is the human sperm cell can survive up to 48-96 hours inside the vagina, so insert accordingly. So we suggest you carefully study your menstrual cycle and inject only during the fertile period so that you can achieve pregnancy quickly. This is our home insemination tale and experience. Hope you like it, and our tale may encourage you to get your home insemination done.

At last, we only suggest you contact your Gynecologist because they will guide you properly, and that will be the best way to conceive. The Gynecologist will also ensure that everything gets completed with total safety.

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