A Guide to Living and Working in New York City

Moving to a new place you know little or nothing about can be more challenging than you can imagine. It might sound exciting at first when you only focus on the new friend that you will make and the new place that you will get to explore.

However, once reality hits you, you realize that moving comes with more challenges than fun times. The struggles of shifting to a new city/country are real. You will be asking yourself so many questions. Like, “where should I live?” or, “Is there AT&T near me?” and “How will I commute?” etc. You will also have to struggle hard in finding reasonably priced accommodation. And if you are moving to an expensive city like NYC, you would need to manage your finances wisely.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for you highlighting how to live in NYC.

Your Commute

  1. Subway: New York’s subway does not present a dirty sight now. They are cleaner than they were around a decade ago. The trains run round the clock, so you do not have to worry much about the timings. You can choose to either buy a single fare ticket or invest in a MetroCard pass that will be validated for a month.
  2. Bus: If you want to travel across town, you can opt for the white and blue MTA buses. They are the best options for when you are not a hurry.
  3. Train: There are various different train lines in the city. These trains connect Manhattan with New York City’s hinterland. 

Employers in the City

You should be aware of the employment rate and the work-related statistics before you move to NYC. The city is popular for employing the largest number of workers. Some of the major employers in the private sector include Columbia University, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, Nielsen Company, Northwell Health, and Verizon. With such prominent names on the list, the fact that some of the largest companies in the world are headquartered in NYC should not surprise you. This includes names like IBM.

Average Wage

If you are moving to the city for work purposes, then you should be aware of the average wage as well. This will help ensure that you are not being underpaid. To give you an estimate, the average wage of an individual in NYC is 16% more than that in the 29 largest cities in the States. This holds true for full-time workers.

Life in the City

You must be fully aware of the life that prevails in the city. You are going to spend your next couple of months or years in this city, you must know all about it. NYC is labeled as the multicultural hub of people and activity. According to some experts, there are 800 languages spoken in the city.

Around 3 Million of the residents are foreign-born and the city is also home to the most number of Chinese people outside of Asia. That being said, you won’t have to worry about finding new friends as it is a culturally diverse city. You don’t also have to worry about getting bored as the city is home to over 28,000 acres of parkland. This includes the famous Central Park. Apart from that, you won’t find it hard to look for an eatery in the city as well. The city is flooded with eating and drinking places. There are around 45,000 places where you can munch or go for a drink too.

Famous Neighborhoods

NYC has 5 boroughs namely Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Some of the popular neighborhoods that you will find in one of these boroughs include:

  • Hell’s Kitchen- This is a rather energetic and fun neighborhood. It has some of the most budget-friendly restaurants and a couple of gay bars. The people residing here are anything but pretentious.
  • Greenwich Village- Located near NYU, this neighborhood is nestled between the East and West Village. So, don’t be surprised if you come across the college students in this neighborhood that often. You will also have access to some of the finest dining places here.
  • Brooklyn- Brooklyn happens to be one of the boroughs of NYC. However, it has a lot of neighborhoods as well. The hippest among them all being Williamsburg. The neighborhood is home to some of the most creative individuals including artists, fashion designers, and musicians. One gets a mix of almost everything when in Brooklyn.

Rent Rates

Here’s bad news for you. The rents in New York City are very expensive. However, there is good news in store for you as well. The rents started to level off after they reached their peak in 2017. Therefore, making the city a more affordable place than before. But that does not mean that it is cheap to live in New York City. It still is a more expensive place than many other cities in the States.

While there are some expenses that you won’t be able to ignore, you can manage to live in an affordable way. For example, you can opt for the least pricey Internet service package by calling your AT&T Customer service number (in case you have subscribed to it). Other ways of cutting down on your expenditure include not eating out that often and preferring to walk when you can. The latter will save you the bus or Uber fares.

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