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A Childhood Comfort Food That Continues To Be A Favorite?

The joy of digging through a vessel of aromatic and delicious besan laddoo sparks beautiful old memories, right? From vibrant festivals and homely rituals to weddings and birthdays, a classic besan laddoo always found a place amidst the lavish spreads. While replicating the flavours of the traditionally rustled sweets by your dear grandma sounds hard-won, celebrity chef Sugandha Saxena ensures that your sweet childhood memories are not amiss.

Why sit back and reminisce about the pleasure tales of watching your mother and grandmother whip up delicate, fragrant, and mouth-watering laddoos? Enjoy snacking into the classic sweet indulgence instead. Chef Sugandha introduces a scrumptious line-up of melt-in-your-mouth handcrafted Indian desserts. The humble and time-kissed besan laddoo stands out as a crowd-favorite dessert.

Flavors that mimic the lingering sweet tastes of your grandmother’s laddoo recipe, just like the old times, and even better, sweets by Laddooh, the brand, are exceptionally flavoursome. Wondering what makes these handcrafted desserts a cut above the rest. Unlike the umpteen variants of laddoos up for grabs in the market, the chef’s creations are hand-rolled using the finest-quality ingredients and much healthier alternatives. Besides, the celebrity chef has invested years in tweaking and perfecting the recipes for the lip-smacking desserts. Describing the desserts as gourmet and upscale is quite appropriate.

What makes besan laddoos an absolute favorite?

It is no surprise that a classic besan laddoo is loved by all and sundry, regardless of one’s age or culture. The fine but coarse grainy texture, the beautiful aroma, the not-so-subtle flavors of rich clarified butter, and the right hit of sweet and delicious notes make besan laddoos class-apart and a timeless favorite.

Don’t you remember seeing your grandmother tossing her ladle for hours, roasting the besan or chickpea flour in ghee? The generous handful of dry fruits and hand rolling each piece into the perfectly shaped goblets? Of course, the happy memories are right on fleek. However, what makes the dessert even more special are the faces that lit up when the laddoos were at pass.

The joy of biting into the deliciously brittle and aromatic laddoos remains un-dwindled even today. Savouring the tastes of the delectable sweet treat is no less than a luxurious experience. The crumbly texture, rich, appetising flavours, and crunch of the abundant dry fruits are unrivalled.

“Laddooh,” a premium brand run by celebrity chef Sugandha Saxena endeavours to ensure that the adorable memories of the golden past shine brightly via its flavoursome desserts. Why settle on flavours and bite into just any besan laddoo? The delightful indulgence of gorging on laddoos that are not only sinfully delicious but luxe in texture too is unrivalled.

Is a classic besan laddoo truly a childhood comfort food?

The twinkling lights of Diwali, the petrichor before the rains, and the pious religious affairs at home, a classic besan laddoo is synonymous with almost every Indian household. Roasting the coarse gram flour on low heat releases the aroma and flavors of the ingredient. Fine-tuning the recipe is a tough ordeal. Celebrity chef Sugandha whips up wonders when hand rolling the flavoursome laddoos. Inspired by her traditional roots and motivated by her future-driven ambitions, handcrafted Indian desserts by Laddooh are an upscale makeover for the classic dessert.

Sinfully brimming with dry fruits, besan laddoos have been treating our taste buds for decades. The memories, the flavors, the textures, and the stories associated with these mouthwatering laddoos are hard to skip. From the mischiefs of sneaking into the jars of laddoos to the priceless of sharing the sweet treats with your dear ones, a besan laddoo is a pleasure-filled memory.

Don’t feel dejected yet? Order your special box of bespoke and handcrafted laddoos from ‘Laddooh’ and savor the piquancy and rich flavors.

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