8 Luxury Holidays in India Must Be Tried Once in a Lifetime

India is one of the most amazing places on Earth with its natural, cultural and traditional wealth that is maintained.

Beautiful natural scenery, various celebrations of unique traditions to historic magnificent buildings all in India .

Millions of tourists visit India every year to enjoy the wealth of tourism in this country.

Ranging from friendly tours in the pocket to luxury vacations all available here.

If you have a plan on vacation to Shah Rukh Khan’s birthplace, you can make your vacation feel special with the luxury vacation.

  1. Balloon Rides in Pink City

Trying a hot air balloon ride is the most romantic and stressful activity that can be enjoyed in Jaipur.

You can enjoy views of the Pink city from above with this vehicle.

The beauty is even more complete when traveling with a hot air balloon during dawn or dusk.

  1. Travel with the Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels Train is the most classy train in India.

This train is presented for tourists who want to experience the extraordinary atmosphere in India and a luxurious dining experience.

All rooms on the train are air-conditioned, with luxuriously decorated suites complete with soft beds and antique furniture.

There is a lounge bar, work desk, television, free internet and 24-hour room service.

This luxury train has been awarded the 4 the best luxury train in India. Have a look into the departure dates of palace on wheels.

  1. Stay at the floating palace, Udaipur

The Lake Palace in Udaipur is a luxury destination that cannot be missed.

Floating on the clear waters of Lake Pichola, this palace offers a great holiday experience.

The palace also has spa and yoga facilities to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Tourists can also use gym facilities, enjoy cultural performances and try famous astrology (forecast) sessions in India.

  1. Enjoy Ayurveda in the Himalayas

The Ananda, Himalaya is perfect for tourists who want to restore health, refresh the mind and let go of all problems.

Located near the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, there is a luxury spa resort that will take you closer to nature.

Ayurveda spa massage offered here is free of side effects and is very popular with tourists.

The resort also accommodates tourists in private suites that provide exceptional comfort, complete with delicious dishes that are good for health.

  1. Cruise on Houseboat, Kerala

The Mirrored Backwaters of Kerala is a destination for tourists who want to relax together with loved ones.

There is a beautifully decorated houseboat and floats on a river surrounded by green scenery.

As Kettuvalam in local languages, wooden boats that visually look traditional look stunning to tourists because they are equipped with modern facilities.

When sailing with this ‘houseboat’, you can get off in the nearby villages to see their lifestyle, enjoy hot rice and fish curry cooked with coconut oil.

  1. Dive in the Andaman

The underwater world of the Andaman Nicobar island is a natural miracle that is a pity if missed.

Complete your vacation in India by enjoying scuba diving on Havelock Beach to experience the wealth of marine life in this country.

  1. Sailing in Goa

Goa is a favorite destination for young tourists because it has beautiful landscapes and is full of adventure.

There, you can order private cruises and make special memories with loved ones.

  1. Overnight at the Thar Desert camp

There is nothing more romantic than spending the night under the starry sky in a calm desert.

The camps in the Thar Desert have been equipped with modern facilities such as hot and cold water, private verandas, lanterns and candles to maintain the mystical appeal of the desert at night.

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