7 ways Dental Health Can Help You to Improve Your Health

Your smile mirrors your personality. And a smile with bad teeth can certainly put your spark out.

Oral hygiene has been specifically stressed upon to maintain your outward personality but we seldom pay heed to the effect it has on our overall well-being. You may be surprised to realize the connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Inconsideration towards dental health has been associated with various diseases such as heart problems, pregnancy issues, and even cancer. Maintaining good care of your teeth and gums can aid you to improve your overall fitness and let us help you how.

  1. Eating right

Your mouth is the gateway to all the fuel you inject in your body. So there’s no denying that if it affects your body, your oral cavity will not go unaffected either. For improved gums and teeth, raisins, green tea, and whole grains are well advised by dental professionals.

Foods like apples and leafy greens involve excessive chewing that helps remove the bacteria and plaque on your teeth and keep your gums strong too. Vitamin A, C, and D are also recommended for maintaining not only your oral hygiene but also a healthy heart.

  1. Complete Dental Clean-up

Oral hygiene is not merely limited to gums and teeth. It includes removing all bacteria residing in your mouth that otherwise may either stay in your mouth or become a part of the food you ingest.

Therefore, the ultimate dental clean-up is imperative.

This can be ensured by proper brushing of teeth as well as tongue, flossing and using a cool mint mouthwash. Taking these measures will prevent the bacteria from causing any damage to your teeth and also check them from entering your digestive tract and causing further damage.

It is also wise to schedule regular monthly dental check-ups to ensure your oral well-being.

  1. Quit smoking

There is no denying that smoking is injurious to health. It has an adverse impact to not only your lungs but also becomes a cause for various issues related to heart, pregnancy, and gums. Causing a huge impact on your body’s immunity system, it increases the risk of infections. This renders you defenseless against various diseases.

It might be difficult to drop this habit but it’s always better to try before the damage becomes irreparable. If you cannot quit on your own seek help from a professional that may help you along the way.

  1. Invest in better dental cleaning

An electric toothbrush might be expensive but is far more effective at cleaning your teeth up to areas that are critical for plaque growth. Brushing your teeth with particularly tough bristles may lead to the receding of your gums and can cause the enamel over your teeth to rupture and disappear.

This way you might be causing more harm to your teeth than actually taking care of them.

Avoid using the same piece of floss twice as it spreads the bacteria between your gums and causes infection. Antibacterial mouthwash can avoid shun any growth of bacteria in the crevices and helps you fight bad breath too. 

  1. Drink more tap water

Drinking ample water not only keeps your body hydrated but also keeps your diet in check, preventing you from overeating. In many areas, fluoride is added to tap water that is beneficial for your dental health.

A study conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA) records that adding fluoride to drinking water causes a 25% decrease in tooth decay in both adults and kids.

Using fluoride toothpaste and dental fluoridation can also play a major role in curbing gum diseases.

Hence, ensure that you are benefiting from the availability of fluoride at your home by drinking tap water or bottled water by any brand that provides it.

  1. Cut down your sweet treats

Tempting they may be but the harmful effects of sugary treats cannot be overlooked. Regular consumption of sweets can increase the welcoming of gum and other oral diseases. Even after eating something sugary make sure to rinse your mouth well to let go of any resident food particles.

You also need to check your soda consumption and replace it with something more healthful. Tap water would definitely be a good start. Don’t go for diet drinks either. Even if the Wisconsin Dental Association claims them to be sugar-free, they have acidic effects on your teeth and can cause damage.

  1. Pay attention to signs of gum disease

It is easier to treat your gum disease if it is detected early. Do not ignore any pains or irritation in your gums. Do not turn a blind eye to swollen gums or bleeding teeth. Consult your dentist for the timely remedy and to prevent any further damage.

Many patients refuse to get dental treatment due to anxiety as well. This can be dealt with using a large safe sedate dental mask which delivers nitrous oxide and is easy to sterilize as well.

A national survey concluded that one of every four individuals tend to lie to their dentist about their dental care routines. Take the high road of honesty so that any drastic effect could be avoided.

Following these tips would lead you to a healthy mouth and save you from any long term concerns. Visit your dentist regularly and most importantly, do NOT lie to your dentist. This might help you in the long run and save you from any harmful damage that cannot be reversed.

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