7 Classic Cake Flavors That Are Perfect For All Celebrations

When it comes to celebrating a special day or date, a cake seems as the most apt choice for adding the charm to the occasion. Cakes have, for long, been considered as the best way of celebration and no wonder; it finds its space in all celebrations, big or small. However, we often land in confusion regarding the choice of flavor that will befit the day.

If you are one wondering which flavor of cake you should opt for your next event, we have got you covered. Presenting below are 7 all time hits when it comes to cake flavors and still never fail to make everyone drool in every occasion they mark their presence in. Take the guide:

1. Black Forest

Black forest has created its mark since time immemorial. So, if you wish to wow your guests, black forest is your go-to cake that has the right blend of chocolate and richly whipped cream. The cherry finish is what we call the ‘perfect topping on the cake.’

2. Chocolate

If someone says they don’t love chocolate, we know they are kidding. Chocolate has been a universal favorite of almost everyone. The ultimate dark, moist flavor will make anyone go for it over and over again. You can choose to grace your occasions with chocolate cake or surprise someone with the same and it is, in all instances, a hit!

3. Butterscotch

Whether it’s cake, ice cream or shake, butterscotch rules everywhere. So, if you are confused about the cake flavor for your next anniversary or birthday, count on butterscotch that has the right dose of butter and cream completely melting in your mouth like a dream.

4. Fruit

Another popular addition to the favorite cake list is fruit cake and undoubtedly, from old to young, people love to devour it. It is just the right cake for both sweet tooth and health freaks. This festive cake is relished all over the world not just on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries but Christmas, Thanksgiving etc as well. You can bake one at home or present it to the host and it will only add happiness and sweetness to the occasion.

5. Vanilla

Nothing beats the outstanding vanilla flavor. From the richly whipped cream to the ‘pillow-y’ soft crumb, everything about vanilla cake remains a hit. Vanilla is a flavor that satiates every tongue even if they don’t share the fondness for cakes as much as you do. Send it to someone living away from you and your simplistic and sweet cake delivery in Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata or anywhere your dear one resides will surely bring an unceasing smile on the face.

6. Walnut

This cake is sure to impress one and all because of its delish moist base and nutty toppings. Beat the usual cake by adding a crunchy twist to it. It is one of the healthy ways to add nuts to the diet and the crowd is sure to be impressed with the newness.

7. Lemon

Lemon cake remains one of the old classics that have seen variations like no other cake. It is often baked with cheese cream, ginger, coconut, blueberry, raspberry, coffee and so forth, each one being a kitchen magic of its own kind.

Therefore, with the best option of cake flavors mentioned, keep confusions at bay. Order cake in these delish flavors and make your celebration a hit.

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