6 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About!

6 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About!

Who hasn’t heard of Reddit According to estimates, there are more than 52 million daily active Reddit users worldwide. The majority are based in the United States, with users aged 25 to 29 being the most popular.

What is it about Reddit that attracts millions of people? For starters, Reddit is a very community-focused platform, and it emphasizes the individual as a member of the community rather than as an isolated entity. You can also post your blogs there and if you have a look here, you can get help on how to make your blog visible on Google. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Redditors frequently frown upon posts that are all about themselves. Second, there are subreddits, which serve as a micro-community focused on a specific topic. You can find subreddits for absolutely anything that has piqued your interest, or you can always create your own. If you want to see posts about ‘cats dancing,’ for example, type in r/catsdancing, and you’ll find them. Third, go ahead and check it out already.

With the bit of introduction to this well-known platform (which was more like a format – for those who haven’t heard of Reddit), you will be introduced to some Reddit features that you probably weren’t aware of!

#1. “Other Dimension” tab

If a picture/article/whatever has been submitted to more than one subreddit, an option will be at the top of the page that says ‘other dimension (x).’ You’ll see a list of other submissions of the same post linked to the different subreddit when you click on that.

#2. Discovering new subreddits

If a link you are interested in is posted to a subreddit you were unaware of, you might enjoy it. There is also a “metareddit,” which lists all subreddits. Another option is to enter ‘stattit.com,’ which sorts subreddits based on their size.

#3. r/Ask Reddit

Visit r/Askreddit to find answers to questions such as ‘what is your favorite subreddit?’ and ‘which subreddit needs more love?’ You will find solutions to any problems.

#4. Formatting

There are numerous ways to format on Reddit, but many people are unaware of them.

  • Addition of Extra Lines: To add extra lines or spaces between paragraphs, write a line with   on it. It can also be used to make the spaces between words smaller
  • Monospaced: To make text monospaced, use a grave accent (‘) on either side of the text to highlight the monospaced font. Monospaced fonts are great for things like coding and ASCII art
  • To cancel out formatting: In Reddit formatting, the Backslash (\) is frequently used as an ‘escape character.’ The backslash is used to write symbols used in Reddit formatting without actually formatting it. For example, *bang* will produce *charge* if it is not formatted to something else
  • Nested Lists: You need a space or two to create nested bullet points on Reddit. It is possible to put a distance in front of the asterisk (*) and then shift it forward by one space
  • New Line: There is an alternative method to pressing the enter key twice to get a new line. If you type two or more spaces and then press the enter key, you’ll get a new line but not a new paragraph
  • Superscript: You don’t have to put (^) between each word if you want to do a bunch of words in superscript. Instead, just put (^) at the beginning and the rest in parentheses. The spaces between the terms will not be too broad using this method
  • Line Break: To include a line break in your post, add two spaces at the end of the line or use a double line break to begin a new paragraph
  • Inserting a Blank Line: To insert a blank line, use the double line break mentioned above and type  , followed by another double line break, which will result in a single blank line.

#5. Spam 

If you see a spammer in your subreddit, report them by posting a link to their profile in r/reportthespammer/, and they’ll be gone in no time.

#6. Multi-subreddits

Using a (+) to connect two or more subreddit names in the URL will combine those subreddits into one page. You can also do the opposite and use a minus sign to separate all posts.


Apart from these, there are many other features concerning saving the comments, getting your Reddit life back, etc. Reddit is a massive platform where a wealth of information is shared and discussed. Anonymity is highly valued on the forum, and this widespread anonymity fosters openness. It allows you to share and interact freely, and the anonymity is kept in check by transparency. All users can see each other’s comments and post history, which helps moderators keep themselves in check. Reddit is not about you – it is a collective with a strong emphasis on community. Reddit is increasingly becoming a destination for exploring various trends and viral sensations.

I hope the features are helpful. Happy Redding – or reading.

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