6 Reasons to Opt for Closed Mouth Breathing

Almost all of us have experienced the time when we are coerced to breathe through the mouth because of the stuffy nose.  This is a more recurring problem as the weather chills and the cold and the allergies engender the nasal congestion issues resulting in mouth breathing and very loud snoring.

You may have come across many who sleep with mouths open and they can snore louder than the trains and subways. Mouth breathing is capable of ruining your social image massively. But that can also wreak havoc on your health which is a more serious issue to be concerned about.

Reasons to Choose Closed Mouth Breathing

There are several reasons for avoiding open mouth breathing and choosing the close mouthed one. Some of them are enlisted below.  Here some of them are mentioned. Just take a look.

  • Facial Growth and Development

Breathing through the mouth can alter the shape of the face and change your appearance completely. This is especially the case with the children as their body is still under development. Kids, whose mouth breathing is not treated in the right way, can suffer from the abnormal facial and the dental developments like the narrow and long mouths and faces, gingivitis and the gummy smiles as well as the crooked teeth.

  • Dehydration

As breathing through the mouth actually dries the mouth out along with airways, it can give rise to dehydration even without your understanding it. The body is unable to function without the adequate water supply. The mouth breathing does exactly that by making the body lose body fluids through dry mouth.

  • Depletion of Essential Nitric Oxide

The nitric oxide happens to be a critical component of the astounding refining process. This leads to proper mixing of the air with an amazing gas produced in the nasal sinuses known as the nitric oxide. This permits the proper mixing of the air that engenders the outstanding gas of nitric oxide which is produced within the nasal sinuses. The nitric oxide is secreted through the passages of the nose and then it is inhaled through the nose. This augments the capability of the lungs to uptake oxygen. The nitric oxide is critical for all organs and nitric oxide is depleted by mouth breathing.

Oral Health Deterioration

The oral health is much more than just flossing and brushing your teeth each and every day. If you breathe through the mouth at night, the jaw is forced into an unnatural position for a prolonged period. This can lead to the formation of an overbite or underbite. With mouth breathing, the tooth decay and gum disease risks are also more enhanced. The problem of bad breath can also crop up if you breathe through your mouth constantly.

  • Worsened Asthma

The asthma can cause a person to breathe through the mouth. But the mouth breathing at night can make the asthma induced by exercise even worse. Air that is inhaled through the mouth is not as moist or warm like the air that is breathed in through the nose. This can make the breathing complex and the airway quite irritated. Eventually this worsens the asthma condition in the patient.

  • Sleep Disorders like Sleep Apnea

Research has revealed that the obstruction of upper airway or mouth breathing can lead to sleep disorder or sleep apnea. Studies also bring to light the fact that the kids who suffer from the sleep disorders frequently feel tired and have issues in concentrating in schools. Not only that, they may also display behavioural issues. Most of the kids who experience these symptoms are often misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The ideal treatment for these kids involves treating the blocked airways that will permit the child to breathe though the nose rather than the mouth. For the adults, it is better to seek snoring remedies right away in order to control their sleep apnea symptoms. This can have far-reaching consequences in adults which include enhanced risks of heart attacks and stroke.

The above are some of the reasons why you should avoid open mouth breathing and embrace the close mouth breathing which helps to restore your health and body functionalities in a number of ways.

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